31 January 2011

Yarn wreaths

I've been seeing a lot of yarn wreaths all over the internet. And I've been wanting to make one, badly. But where to get the straw wreaths? I had a suspicion that Michaels would have them, but I didn't want to go all that way without knowing for sure. Michaels website was no help so Sunday I sucked it up and headed out. Luckily they had the straw wreaths, they didn't have a good size so I got the big one and the small one. I have plenty of yarn so I didn't look at the yarn (ok I looked, but I restrained myself). I used instructions from this blog. Basically you tie a knot around the wreath (how many times can I use the word wreath in this post) and then just start wrapping and wrapping (best to do this while watching weird old movies on THIS).

Then comes the felt flowers. I need to find other uses for felt flowers because they are adorable.... yes adorable. Now if I only knew how to arrange them. I like how my green wreath turned out but not so pleased with the blue one.

Originally I was going to hang the green one inside on my living room door and the blue one outside on my front door (to replace the Christmas wreath that is still hanging), but I kinda like how they look together and I'll be able to enjoy them much more from my couch then from outside my front door. The yarn braid was my own touch and added for hanging purposes. I just cut several strands of yarn of equal length and braided them.


  1. Pretty, I like the wreaths together, more interesting than apart.

  2. very nice, I like the wreaths together too. although a decoration on the outside door is special. Stores don't sell straw wreaths on Times Square? MOM

  3. Cute. They are opening a Michaels in blue springs soon. Maybe buying a wreath will be my reason to go check out the new store.


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