23 January 2011

First time on the slopes

Yesterday I headed up to Belleayre Mountain to learn to ski. A friend and I boarded a bus at 6 am for the two hour ride to the mountain. After stopping at a rental place to pick up skis, boots, poles, and a helmet (safety first) we headed to the mountain. My friend had never skied before so we were the blind leading the blind when it came to where to go, what to wear, what to do, how to look cool... but we soon figured out our gear and where to go for our beginner lessons.

We spent the morning learning how to take our skis on and off, side step, ski parallel, ski wedge, stop (big pizza), and turn (smash a bug with one toe while smashing a bunch of ants with the other foot, huh?). We had a variety of instructors pass us off, but ended up with a great guy. After lunch we spent the afternoon on the bunny hill. I got pretty good at turns and stopping and everything, but the surface lift killed me, hardest part of the day was going to the top of the hill with that thing.

View from the top, well the top of the bottom
Not a fan of these boots... they kinda hurt a lot
I actually got a complement on my $25 JC Penny Husky Boy's snow pants


  1. did you ski through all those trees? What other clothes do you shop for in the husky boy section?

  2. Not really, the trees were pretty far apart in my section. I think the last time I shopped in the boys section was in high school, but the clothes fit and the prices are half off!

  3. Glad to see you got the helmet. I was wondering about that.


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