24 August 2008

A μικρός bit of Astoria

Today I took the subway ride to Astoria to hang out with a friend. We had brunch at this really cool retro place- the food was good too. I got there a little early so I did some wandering around. Below is a little taste of Astoria.

Yes they do have driveways and garages in New York City.
This is a pastry shop and cafe. I took a picture because that little sign in the window says that this shop made the wedding cake that was in The Big Fat Greek Wedding.
If you have to continue to drive safely outside the safety zone what is the point of having a zone?

23 August 2008

The Big 12 on Roosevelt Island

Today I headed out to Roosevelt Island for a Big 12 shindig. There were only five or six other people there when I got there, but as the day went on Texan after Texan began arriving. In the end there were about ten Missourians. This was my first trip to the island. I went over by subway and back by the tram. I highly recommend the tram! I played four hours of touch football barefoot (sandals are slippery) and my catching skills once again awed the boys.

All in the all it was a beautiful day and the island was nice and quiet; I may take the tram back someday.

17 August 2008

White clouds, blue sky, and my gorgeous building

Saturday as I was leaving my building I looked up and thought... I need to take a picture of that. To enter my building you walk through a gate into a courtyard then up one of four stairways; this if from the courtyard looking up.

When I came home the other day I noticed the door to the roof was open, but it was rainy so I just went into my apartment. Today I noticed it was open still, even though there is a sign on the door saying an alarm will go off if the door is opened. So I took the opportunity to walk around the roof of my building taking in the surroundings. However my building is only 6 floors so you can't see too much.

05 August 2008

The Amazins

My first Mets game! I went with my group at work. A free ticket and $30 Mets' money goes pretty far... below the team from work.
Me from our seats. You can see the new stadium in the background.
Look closely... the Mets welcomed us!
Having a good time.
David Wright up to bat. Even though he went with out a hit the Mets beat the Padres 6-5

03 August 2008

Discovering Ward's and Randall's Island

Family does New York part 2

Beautiful ladies in the Conservatory Garden in Central Park
Riding the subway
Nathan's Hotdogs
Coney Island

New York Family Style- Brooklyn edition

We made it across the bridge at about noon, which was perfect to quickly get a seat at Grimaldi's Pizza. The restaurant had been aluding me thus far due to long lines and little time, but no more. I'd heard from many sources that Grimaldi's pizza was the best in Brooklyn and I can't exactly argue.
One of the artistic waterfalls.

Mom on the Staten Island Ferry passing by the statue of liberty. It was really windy! Dad enjoying the Yankee's game... although the Yankees didn't really enjoy themselves loosing big.

Philly Phun

We are standing in front of the non-cracked side of the liberty bell. We didn't want that imperfection in our picture (actually the other side was just much more crowded).

Betsy Ross House
Hot reenactor. He told us that he only takes bathes twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall, but he being a man does get to go first.
Top of Independence hall where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.
The "rising sun" chair where George Washington sat during the Constitution Convention
The Senate Chambers from when the U.S. capital was in Philadelphia.
Sitting in the House of Representatives Chambers
A group of nuns were touring around all day.
The Trenton bridge. It welcomes me and bids me fair well every time I go to Pennsylvania. It is a little cut out the full bridge says "Trenton makes the world takes"