30 December 2013


I just got back from a week of Christmas fun in Missouri. One of the first things my parents said to me was "when are we going to see some Amsterdam pictures on the blog?" So after an accidental month long break from blogging here is a photo recap (in no particular order) of my long weekend in the Amsterdam.

 photo IMG_3607_zps34519524.jpg
Becky and I enjoying gluhwein at the Christmas Market 

 photo IMG_3647_zpsc0c2bf66.jpg
I found a run club!

 photo IMG_3648_zps7839f5b5.jpg
Dutch Trading Company from the canal cruise
 photo IMG_1589_zps829cc550.jpg
One of Becky's many cat friends in Amsterdam
 photo IMG_1571_zpscb89ab56.jpg
One of the many cute streets

 photo IMG_1569_zpsffabc105.jpg
One of the many cute canals

 photo IMG_1562_zps7c8fd30f.jpg
A boat like the one we cruised on

 photo IMG_1546_zps406116e1.jpg
Canal cruise selfie

 photo IMG_3603_zpsbe61fedf.jpg
Christmas lights in Leidseplein 

 photo IMG_3604_zpsc8023fb0.jpg
Chandeliers on the fancy shopping street

 photo IMG_3594_zps95da68c6.jpg

 photo IMG_3606_zps18c67629.jpg
Ice Skating at Museumsplein

 photo IMG_3566_zpsbe45b9a6.jpg
The Christmas Market in front of the fancy department store

 photo IMG_3561_zpscc2166ea.jpg
My favorite meal- pancake with bacon INSIDE and chefs on top

 photo IMG_1510_zps1059628f.jpg
watch out for bikes!

 photo IMG_3531_zps7d486fe6.jpg
Interactive art outside the Rijksmuseum

 photo IMG_3535_zps440b2c71.jpg
Practicing my model skillz

 photo IMG_3541_zps66a3a1c7.jpg
I want a red vespa and a cute tree lined street (or just one of them)

 photo IMG_3540_zpsfb32d271.jpg
Sigh… in De Pijp

 photo IMG_1490_zps85e835a2.jpg

 photo IMG_1473_zps1ba2965a.jpg

 photo IMG_1472_zpsde23371c.jpg
At the Markt

 photo IMG_1467_zps1e2fe2f8.jpg
First day at the market we bought fries and waffles- SUCCESS!