11 October 2012

They pronounced my name right!

My last name is German, my family pronounces it in an English way, but there are two vowels in row and they don't follow the rules. In High School this meant I never knew how I was going to be announced at basketball games, now it means I never know how I'll be introduced at work meetings. So with this history I can't believe I forgot one of the most exciting things that happened at Sunday's 10K. When I crossed the finish line, the pronounced my entire name correctly! If only they took the picture at that moment, because I had a huge smile across my face. Here are a few photos they did take...

pre-race bag check prep

where's Courtney?
Last but not least I share with you, the most terrible race photo of this year (or second maybe). After having several pretty good photos it was about time this happened. 

so many things I could write here

The main thing going on here, is this leg ripple. I've named it elephant leg. I guess I was going just that fast.


  1. I think it is just you are in movement and the camera didn't get a clean shot.

  2. How was the announcer able to pronounce your name like we do? A pleasent surprise. That leg picture-couldn't do that again. Had a pumpkin muffin at Old Drum Coffee House and Bakery yesterday. It was delicious. MOM

  3. That would've made me smile too. And thanks to mom for the random shout out.

  4. Are you running the glow and the dark 5K in November? It's my first race and I'm really excited for it!

    1. I'm thinking about it. You will do great!

  5. Tears. Laughing so hard in my office I have tears. And to be fair, I'm laughing at your commentary harder than I am at elephant leg.


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