03 October 2012

September Recap

I'm pretty sure I skipped an August recap, but I thought I'd check in now that it is October. 

  • Refrain from using the snooze button- Since I finished the Tough Mudder my motivation to work out everyday/twice a day has waned, which has taken my popping out of bed each morning with it. So I must admit I have snoozed a few times in the past few weeks. I also blame the sun for not raising early enough.
  • Run at least 6 races- I went crazy with races in September

  • Chilhowee 5K
  • Tough Mudder
  • Run! Geek! Run! 8K 
  • Smoothie 5K
  • My races in September bring my year total to 10, goal met!

  • Travel somewhere new- I was in Frederick, Maryland for the Tough Mudder and saw some new areas of NE DC with touch football. 
  • New GOAL- My new goal is to be able to do three pull ups in a row. I've been working on this all summer, with little progress. When ever I talked to a boy about pull ups they told me to get an at home pull up bar, so I finally did. Tonight I hung from the bar for awhile and tried hanging in the up position for as long as possible.

  • gettin' real


    1. oh geez! A pull up bar, you're getting serious. I have been trying to do push-ups daily, but we'll wait till those hit the triple digits before I invest in a pull up bar( this isn't going to happen).

    2. ok, I need to see muscles at Christmas time. MOM

    3. I'm blaming some of my laziness on the sun setting too soon.


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