30 October 2012

Becca & Ryan get married

Around noon on Saturday all the ladies gathered in a suite to start prepping for the wedding. I arrived early and was able to get my make-up and hair professionally done and then just sit back, paint my nails, and watch the madness of 16 young ladies getting ready.

the bride getting her hair done

in her dress
From the hotel we headed to the Chapel on Texas Tech's campus for the wedding. It was a gorgeous chapel that was very Texas/Southwest.

Kandyce and I waiting to walk down the aisle
After the beautiful ceremony we threw rose petals at the bride and groom then headed over to the reception site in the freezing cold. Yes, Lubbock was freezing and we were all ill prepared with bare legs and light jackets. Luckily we had a warm limo to drive us and soon were announced into the reception hall.

ready to dance

first dance

photo booth fun
After a few hours of dancing, mashed potato bar, queso, and shiner the party was over. We lit sparklers for the bride and groom to walk through and head off to their life together.

The next morning we had brunch at the hotel and headed to the Lubbock airport, I milked my wedding hair for a second day. I was a little nervous about getting back to DC with Sandy on her way in, but I arrived 8pm Sunday night at DCA with no issues.

Lubbock airport bathroom hair

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  1. The hair was the first thing I noticed. I would've milked it for a second day also.


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