16 October 2012

Caramel Corn

Sunday morning I was watching CBS Sunday morning and drinking coffee when I remembered that I was suppose to take a treat to an afternoon party. Feeling in the fall mood I first went to pinterest and was quickly overwhelmed. So then I went to my sister's blog and searched pumpkin. I saw her Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn and knew immediately that is what I would make.

Best of all I had all the ingredients other than popcorn and pecans. A quick trip to Whole Foods and I was in business.

Not only was this my first time making caramel corn, it was also the first time I made popcorn on the stove... very exciting Sunday morning.

I followed my sister's directions exactly. My one bonus discovery was using a spaghetti spoon to mix and stir up the popcorn. With all the slots and holes it was great for breaking everything up and not getting too sticky. 

I used an oatmeal container and yarn to gift package it up. 

pom pom for the win


  1. Love the pom pom on oatmeal can idea.

  2. Best way to start any Sunday morning. CBS and a little coffee, everything after that will be great.

  3. the popcorn looks wonderful and the container too. I still need to try this recipe. MOM


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