29 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I was out of town this last weekend and luckily my flight wasn't cancelled and I arrived back in DC around 8 pm last night. I took a cab back to my place because it was already raining and I didn't pack any rain gear for the Texas desert. 

When I got home I looked in my fridge and decided that hurricane or not, I needed to do some grocery shopping. Luckily the run on Whole Foods happened before 9 pm and I almost had the store to myself. Whole Foods aren't you normal grocery stores so I decided to document what people by in preparation of a Hurricane at a WF. In addition to the normal run on bread and water the following things were in high demand:

yellow onions

berries... especially strawberries 

mac & cheese (the fancier pastas were also in low supply)

sparkling water
My office is closed today so I'm chilling at home and relaxing from my wonderful weekend in Texas. Sandy has brought rain and wind, but nothing too bad yet.


  1. Thank God there was still some sparkling water left when you got there!

  2. Sounds like a good meal. Was there a run on alcohol? Seems like that would be a popular item to be stuck at home with.


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