29 October 2012

Lubbock, TX

I was in Lubbock, Texas over the weekend attending my grad school friend Becca's wedding. More on the wedding in a bit, but as it being my first time hanging out in Lubbock I thought I'd share some of the local flair.

We stayed at a really nice hotel that was across the street from the Texas Tech campus and near all the wedding festivities. The hotel was decorated in Texas flair. The hotel was also hosting an Elks conference so there were tons of old cowboys strolling around wearing cowboy hats.

post bridal luncheon cotton farmer love
cowhide stool in hospitality suite

Lubbock made peanut pattie from our room gift bag

Shiner from hotel bar

armadillo enjoying a drink at the hotel bar

the rehearsal dinner was at Cagle Steakhouse

Texas sized steak

rehearsal dinner entertainment

wedding morning run around campus

home of the red raiders
Lubbock has a semiarid climate and primarily grows cotton. From the plane you could see miles and miles of irrigated cotton fields.


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