11 September 2012

2012 Chilhowee 5K

For the fourth year in a row, I traveled home Labor Day weekend to run in the Chilhowee Fair 5K race. My middle sister, Beth, organizes the race and my entire family helps put it on, with most of us also participating. My oldest sister, Kristen, won the inaugural race, was pregnant for the second one, and was beaten by my cousin last year. She was looking for redemption. I was trying to talk a big game from half a country away, but knew I had little hope in beating her. What I did have high hopes in was a new PR.  I PR'd in my 5K in July despite a very crowded start, knowing the race field would be much smaller in a town of 335. This year Beth and Kristen designed a new course to cut down on the gravel running, which meant we ran around the entire town.

as you can see, Chilhowee is small
I started out strong, a little too strong, but settled into a good pace a half mile in. I tend to slow down during the second mile, so that was no surprise, but I was able to kick it back up for the last quarter of a mile or so, which I was happy with. Old me faded at the end.

maybe someday I'll be able to do three 7:29's
Kristen had a little competition up front, but I ran most of the race alone. My 24:28 official finish was good enough for third female overall and first in my age category!

gold medal
twins. me with the overall female champion


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