13 September 2012

Annual trip to the Chilhowee Fair

Every year I try to make it home to Missouri for the World Famous Chilhowee Fair. This year it was a little more deflated than usual as Hurricane Isaac decided to attend. As disappointing as a rainy fair is, most everyone was thrilled to get rain after going the entire summer without.

Along with my normal fair entries and participation in the 5K I was also the baked goods judge and rode in the parade for the first time since I was a little kid.

my 5 year pillow won blue!

a red on my Christmas ornament
Two years ago I won best of show for the amateur flower arranging category. So when my mom called me a few days before the fair suggesting I should put together an arrangement for myself and help my niece assemble one, I was up for the challenge. The Fair's theme this year was "hunting for a good time" so the arrangement themes were centered around that them. I chose to do camouflage while Gretchen insisted on Pick-ups and hounds. We both got second (in categories with more than 2 entries!) so I think our arrangements were a success.

My mom and aunt decided that we needed to enter a float in the parade to promote my sister's new coffeehouse and bakery and dress my niece as a dog. I was nominated to hold the dog during the parade.


driver and star

we let the dog drive for awhile

dog mobile


  1. What a cute dog! You are able to make the fair sound so much more that it actually is.

  2. So is Gretchen the driver and Sue the star? Your ornament reminded me I had leftover snowflakes from my Christmas cards. I can't believe mom didn't remember and remind me to enter them.

  3. good times good times MOM


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