27 September 2012

National Book Festival

There was a lot going on in DC this last weekend. Fall in DC is almost as enjoyable as Spring in DC, but without all the flowers. I tried to fit in as many festivals as possible, on Saturday I went to the Barracks Row Festival, DC State Fair, and 17th Street Festival. Sunday I decided to check out the National Book Festival, even though all the authors I wanted to see were there on Saturday.

I listened to two authors, Susan Richards Shreve and Justin Torres,  in the Fiction tent and will definitely check their books out.

on the mall

people in line for book signings

Susan Richards Shreve

PBS stars!
After leaving the mall I ran into some sort of Latin festival. Lots of food and music.

Inca Kola!

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  1. No matter how over the top sweet Inka Kola is, I always need some when I see it.


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