15 September 2012


I'd been wanting to do RUN! GEEK! RUN! ever since reading about it on another blog last fall. But then I had Tough Mudder on the calendar for last week so I didn't preregister and then I was feeling a little under the weather this week (ragweed allergies or cold... not sure). My geekness won out and yesterday I went to the Post Office Pavilion and registered. Got my number, T-shirt, and geek glasses. Then after I went back to work for the afternoon my health declined. I couldn't breath. Well I couldn't breath through my nose. Hmm maybe I signing up wasn't the best idea.

I spent last night on the couch and went to bed early, hoping I'd feel better this morning. When I woke up I could breathe through my nose, so things were looking up. I still wasn't feeling that excited about racing, but I got ready and took my bike out the door to head down to West Potomac Park.

There's not much bike traffic (or any traffic) Saturday morning at 7:30 am so I was down there in no time. Locked up my bike, pinned on my number, and checked my bag with plenty of extra time. I figured the bike ride was enough to wake my legs up and spent a few times watching the rowers on the Potomac instead of warming up.

As soon as the race started I could feel that my legs aren't completely recovered from last weekend's punishment. Although tight and stiff I pushed on. My goal going in was to keep under 9 min mile pace. We were running on a four lane road from the beginning so the field was able to thin out right away. I had never been past the bridge on Ohio drive, it was very pretty and I'll definitely be back. We passed lots of people out for their weekend long run, but they never really got in the way. The course was an out and back with a little loop a the end. After we turned around we were all hit with a pretty good headwind, but I kept pushing. I was able to stick around 8 min pace and despite all of my complaining managed a new 8K PR. 

Gun time- 40:20
Net time- 40:07
Pace- 8:02
Overall- 168/560
Female 20-29- 21/113

post run


geek trophies... one day I'll get one of these


  1. Nice job! Why was the race so geeky? Were you being chased by jocks?

  2. No jocks... or maybe we all were jocks. A few people dressed up as geeks. I thing the geekiness was in reference to the charity the run supported, some kind of after school program that provides technology to kids.

  3. congratulations! Your better every race. MOM


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