20 April 2009

Family Reunion "Down on the Farm"

Last weekend I headed back to Missouri for a some fun on the farm, family reunion style. The weekend was packed full of activities... what makes for a good reunion you ask?

1. Shooting water balloons at cousins and siblings
2. Kayaking while avoiding water balloons

3. Shooting potatoes at cousins and dad

4. Preparing insane amounts of food5. Grilling insane amount of mini burgers

6. CRAFTS!!!!!

7. Playing in soybeans (ok... not always necessary, but a plus)

8. A fish fry from fish fished on Friday

9. And finally, the official 2009 Family Photo

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  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Gotta love family :) You need one more so it can be a Top 10 list.


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