02 August 2010

Staten Island Yankees

Last week as a work event we headed to Staten Island to watch the single A Yankees play. All we could eat hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn and soda, hat, and seats. Not much talent on either team but the Yankees beat the Tigers that night. We were even treated to an amazing fireworks show after the game as we headed back to the ferry.

I highly recommend this trip for all you baseball fans out there. Skip the Yankees in the Bronx, skip the Mets and take the ferry. The ferry ride is free and you get great views of the statue of liberty, Brooklyn, Governor's Island, and wait turn around... Manhattan! Tickets to the game and food are a cool $18. And get this, it took me less than an hour to get home from the game... in the Bronx it would be an hour from your seats to the crowded subway car.

Now don't get me wrong, the level of play was ehm... sub-par. There may have been more errors than runs, but there was plenty of side line entertainment and who knows when you may get to see a future star before they make it big.

Enjoying unlimited popcorn
The boys in Richmond County Stadium

The orange chariot shuttling people across the city


  1. you get around. Nice to do activities for free. MOM

  2. If it's all you can eat who cares if there is any talent. Mom said you get around. He He

  3. I'm going back this weekend... I didn't get enough to eat :) Oh and I think she is trying to spread rumors about me...


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