02 August 2010

National Arboretum

When you think of National Treasures in Washington, DC you think the Capitol Building, White House, National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museums... the list could go on, but have you ever thought of trees? I spent this last weekend in DC and having lived there for a summer and visited numerous times I've hit all the hot spots. My friend suggested we try the National Arboretum.

Even with the drive through some questionable neighborhoods, the Arboretum was pretty cool. One garden area contained all kinds of plants used for different purposes including: dyes, teas, eating, perfumes, medicine, etc.

It was in the dye area that we spotted this beauty
Another area, fern valley, had these pillars from the Capitol building. When the building was expanded these were removed and the addition was completed with marble replicas.

One area was full of bonsai trees and I knew that I had seen them before. Soon I remembered that my favorite TV show, CBS Sunday Morning, had done a piece on the bonsai trees located here. I have to admit I loved looking at the tiny trees.

Matt volunteered to give some size perspective
Especially the tiny forests

Other areas included a State Tree Forest (although the map wasn't very helpful and I am pretty sure the Dogwood Tree was missing), power plants, azealas, and holly and Magnolias.


  1. you should grow a bonsai tree in your apartment, that would be fancy. Can they grow indoors?

  2. I think they can live inside at least in a greenhouse they can. I don't know if I have the skill for a bonsai...


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