02 August 2010

Playing make believe

This last weekend I took the MegaBus down I-95 to DC for some fun.
Bonus- I got to see these guys:

We met for the first time
We had fun hugging trees
While I was visiting we headed out to Great Falls. Great Falls was created during the Ice Age when the river needed to drop in order to continue to flow into the ocean. The Potomac drops a total of 76 feet in elevation in less than a mile, creating pretty amazing rapids. The water level was pretty low on the day of our visit.

To avoid these rapids the Chesapeake & Ohio canal was created. Through this area there are a series of locks to account for the drop in the river. We got to ride a canal boat through a the lock and up the river being pulled by two donkeys (although they said our boat was so light that a 5 year old could pull us).

Molly and the other Donkey pulling our boat

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