03 August 2010

A tomato grows in Queens

I've been growing three tomato bushes in my apartment... my studio apartment. I've been growing basil, cilantro, rosemary, and even a sunflower, but I wanted to see if I could grow tomatoes. Right away they sprung out of the ground and grew and grew. Then they began to flower and I got excited, but then the flowers just fell off and nothing happened. As the flowers fell over the last few weeks and the bushes grew to almost my ceiling I was thinking evil thoughts. I was thinking of getting rid of them. I couldn't bare to, but why weren't they producing any fruit?

I've been trying to figure out what was going on, but I'm not a tomato apartment expert. This weekend I discussed my problem with my cousins and aunts in DC. They suggested that although tomatoes are self pollinating that they may need some help spreading it around. We came up with three ideas: 1. Let some bees come hang out with me in the apartment 2. Use a q-tip to spread the love around 3. Put a bag over the plant and SHAKE.

I came back home Sunday night with all intention of trying method 2 and 3 only to find.... A TOMATO GROWING! I was so excited I snapped several (poorly lit) pictures. The next day I looked around and I think she has a buddy growing. I'm keeping the faith for more!

Success! (or almost success, lets see if we can get it to grow and ripen up)


  1. Oh my goodness that tomato is exciting. What's nent corn in the apartment MOM

  2. Ya! Is it red yet? It's a cherry?

  3. Not red yet but the tomato count is up to THREE! I don't remember if I planted cherry or grape... and I don't think I'll try corn.


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