12 July 2012

Montana didn't want to say goodbye

On Saturday it was time to go home. My flight was scheduled for 6:30 am so we got up a little before 5 and Matt dropped me off at the airport around 5:30. I was to the gate by 5:50, perfect.

Then we had a slight delay due to fueling, but they had us on board by 6:30. Then we sat during "paperwork" and finally took off at 7am. I promptly fell asleep. I woke up about a half hour later only to still see mountains very clearly out the window and realized something was off. Soon after they announced that we were beginning our descent back in to Bozeman. Oh great.

gorgeous sunrise & defective airplane
We were back in the terminal by 8 am and told just to sit near the gate and wait for further instruction. After about two hours they started rebooking people, very slowly. I watched the line for a half hour and only one person was helped.

gorgeous mountains at 8am

Around 11:45 they finally booked me on a new flight to DC. Only I had to now go through San Francisco instead of Chicago and I was flying into Dulles instead of National and I'd be arriving after midnight instead of a little after 1 pm.

not excited to see the noon day sun in Bozeman

Luckily the flight to San Francisco was uneventful. As I walked from my arrival gate to my departure gate I passed a cool exhibit from some museum about sewing, pattern making, and style over the years.

sewing machines!
I'd like to thank the San Francisco Airport for my only real meal of the day. Shrimp Fajitas. Delicious. And I apologize for screaming for a fork, but my patience has finally worn thin.

The airport also had this cool water bottle refilling station. So much easier than a water fountain. So cool.

men with sleeves also care about the environment
My flight from San Fran to Dulles was also smooth and I was lucky enough to have a window seat. I got tons of reading done and a little sleeping. I also lucked out that I had a friend with a car flying in to Dulles Saturday night too and got a ride home. That was key.

So to recap I travelled for 19 hours and didn't even leave the US. Yea United!


  1. Hope you had some good reading material with you.

  2. Men with sleeves are deceptively caring.

  3. Sounds horriable! We have a water bottle filler like that at my gym, I use it every time I go.


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