01 August 2007

It's getting crazy

The last week and a half has been really busy. Mom, dad, and Travis arrived last Tuesday right after work and we began moving me in. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I will get in trouble if I don't mention that mom made eight trips up and down, but Travis and I made maybe 40 trips... Dad conveniently found other things to do and made maybe three trips. After getting everything up the rest of trip was good. While I was at work they took tours of the city. We went to Chicago the musical staring Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, it was pretty good, but mom thought they slowed the dancing down for Lisa. Thursday I had to go to a work welcome/good bye happy hour but the parents were exhausted so they rested. We met for dinner at a yummy bbq place near my apt and then went to get frozen yogurt from the new craze- pinkberry- I don't really care for the yogurt but the fruit they put on it is amazing. Friday after work I took the New Jersey Train to Trenton where Nancy picked me up. I read Harry Potter on the train and while I waited so time flew by. Mom, Dad, and Travis had driven down earlier and met Sue at the house. Jack, Leah, and Matthew drow up and on Saturday we just ate (yummy food), hung out, and had a crazy game of water volleyball (where the old people cheated for a win). On Sunday night I took the train back to the city and started unpacking. I am still not done, I think it will take a few more days and I need to buy some more shelves. Today after work I went to a special screening of the movie Hairspray the sing-a-long version. It was pretty cool two of the stars, Elijah Kelley (Seaweed) and Nikki Blonsky (Tracey) were there and sang a little. The movie was very good I highly recommend it, but I didn't really sing during it. Oh and I also stopped by the Good Morning America Sugarland concert in Bryant Park on my way to work... there wasn't very many people there.

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