26 August 2007

The MET and Tour

Friday my "counseling chain" went after work to the top of the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) for Happy Hour. The MET is on the edge of Central Park and you can see a lot of the city from the roof. If it hadn't been a humid and hazy day it would have been fabulous but it was a nice after work experience anyway. Afterwords I went with three of my coworkers to dinner at Dos Cominos a mexican restaurant off of third. It was really good with excellent guacomole and fantastic farmer's market quesadillas. It was a good night, we took taxis to all those places and I didn't have to pay for a thing! Saturday I went with a friend I met at work on the "Sex in the City" TV show tour. We went around in a tour bus highlighting places they went on the show. They showed clips from the show on the bus of the places that we had just saw. We got off at three different points, the stoop in front of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, got cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery, and cosmopolitans from Oneils Speakeasy (the bar that was used for Steve and Aiden's bar). Then we went to Vinyl for dinner I had been wanting to go their for awhile. Our table was a mosaic of a smurf and they had three bathroom choices-- Madonna, Beyonce, and The Beatles. I used Beyonce and on the wall was a life size mosiac of Beyonce, Beyonce music was playing, and there was a shadowbox with a Beyonce barbie and cut out in it...fabulous! Today I went on a hunt for frozen shredded potatoes, something you can't buy in Manhattan apparently... didn't find any, but I did go to Trader Joes for the first time... not as great as all the hype. I passed a ton of NYU students moving in to their dorms made me miss moving into the dorms for a second, but then I remembered I live in a place double the size of a dorm room and I have my own bathroom, ha.

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