19 August 2007

Bourne, Curtains, and Queens

Friday I went with a friend to see Bourne Ultimatium I just wanted to mention this, b/c half the movie takes place in New York, which was cool now that I knew where they were the whole time. At one part they go to a building at 415 E 71st Street that would be if it exsisted in my neighorborhood but I went by today and it isn't there. Saturday I met up with my friend Matt from Texas and we walked around the villages and then met up with his friend and went to dinner at Bar Americain a Bobby Flay restaurant, it was pretty good I had duck. Then we went and say Curtains on Broadway starring David Hyde Pierce. It was pretty good, it is a musical comedy... a musical inside a mystery. It also starred Debra Monk who was George's mom on Grey's Anatomy. The dancing and singing and plot was pretty good, the jokes weren't too great. Today I went to Queens in search of a Peruvian festival in honor of Beth, but I never found it... now I think I wasn't close (I just saw footage on tv of it) I instead found Shea Stadium, Arthur Ashe Stadium, and soccer. I was pretty much the only non hispanic/latino person there and people were staring at me when I was speaking English on the phone and I was asked if I was lost. But it was fun the soccer players were really good and I got to practice my spanish and ate some carne asada con arroz y ensalada. yummm, but it started raining and since it is only 68 today I headed home.

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