11 August 2007


I went to Harlem today, it was interesting... Different from my area of town, but it was nice and I only got called Vanilla once :) I stumbled upon a little music performance outside the Faison Firehouse Theater. At first it was this jazz band but then "P Star" came out and performed. She was pretty young and rapped and had five back up dancers that were pretty amazing. After PStar a woman recited some poetry. I walked from there to Grant's Tomb, which was very grand and impressive. On my way back across the island to the subway I walked past a church festival and a lady asks if I want some food, well I was hungry and I thought it was to buy so I was like sure. Well it was free food for the church festival people so I was going to slip out the other side of the parking lot, but the lady had followed me and took me to the line and walked with me through the line to make sure I got my hotdog, rice, fries, and pop. So I sat and ate it and listened to the gospel music and watched everyone playing games, getting their faces painted, and staring at me (I really stood out). I also walked by the Apollo theater it wasn't as big as I expected. On 125th street you could get the cheapest anything you wanted and there were tons of street vendors (Even some garage sale like vendors on the street).


  1. Hi,
    I tried to post and it said my password was incorrect so I signed in again. How was your meal? Did you feel safe? Your comments lead me to believe you did.

  2. The food was good... Actually the fries were delicious. I felt safe just maybe a little out of place.


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