05 September 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I spent labor day weekend at a fabulous resort in Trappe, PA. I swam, sat in the hot tub, went letterboxing, ate, and relaxed. Sue and Nancy were fabulous hosts. I had some of the best homemade salsa and guacemole made by Sue, yummy. We climbed Misery Mountain in Valley Forge following a traitor of George Washington to two letterboxes. At a garage sale Sue found a genuine Disney pin and I got a clip on light to read with for $1 (it works great). We also did some fantastic kareoke (at home). Nancy's "Deep and Wide" was a hit. Lets see... went to a huge brand new marvelous Acme grocery store (the kind you can't find in the city), got runts in bulk at Giant for 1/4 of the NYC price, signed the car over my car is now Nancy's "Courtney's Car", melted some records, and best of all I got to watch "High School Musical 2" and "The Hills" Zach was pretty amazing in High School Musical 2, but I liked 1 better b/c Sharpay wasn't as mean. That's about it- a great break from the city and work- I was pretty busy today, b/c yesterday I asked everyone for work and now everyone is giving me work! Oh I almost forgot about the Hoffel Koffel-- yummy...

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