27 September 2007

Jerry Rice kissed me

So today for lunch I decided to walk to get some food and eat in Bryant Park. When I got there I saw that there was a promotion event going on so I walked over to watch. It was for Elations a drink that is suppose to help with joint problems. Well guess who was there promoting it? Jerry Rice. They were talking both about his football career and his dancing with the stars appearance. I walked over to the free table and got a sample and was just listening to Jerry when I guy came up to me and asked if I would like to dance on stage. Of course I said yes! So he took me up to the front and I met the dancing professional I would be dancing with. After awhile we went on stage and a guy from the audience went on with a professional woman dancer. We did the chacha to Enrique Iglesias. He told me the steps and led me through it, but I think I was pretty good. He was a really good teacher (and very attractive, he said he also does modeling). So after the dance they did an applause vote for the winner and I won. So the MC interviewed the loser and Jerry Rice came over to me and put his arm around me and interviewed me- just like- what was the key to your success? oh they also talked to me before we danced and asked me if I was good and if I liked dancing. So I won a $25 itunes gift card and a t-shirt. Jerry autographed both! and then he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They recorded it and took some pictures so I might be on their website. After I was done Jerry danced for a bit. I hurried and got some food to take back and eat at my desk, b/c I spent my whole lunch hour there, whoops : )

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  1. That is awesome. Your life is a non-stop roller coaster of adventure these days. Keep up the good work.


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