09 September 2007

A New York Weekend

My friend Amanda and her brother came to visit New York and stayed with me. We had a great time. Friday we had dinner at Carmine's- garlic cheese bread and Manacotti. Then we did the Times Square stroll. Saturday we went to Chinatown for some bargin buys and some crazy dealings. Then we walked down to the World Trade Center site and walked around. On our way there we stoped in a cigar shop where they guy recommended a hamburger joint in my neighborhood (remember this for later :) ) At the World Trade Center there were tons of people pushing the conspiricy theories. Next stop was the Magnolia Bakery in the West Village. We had to wait about a half hour to get inside, but we got our cupcakes and ate them in the neighboring park. We stopped by this Marc Jacobs store that had cheaper things, but it was so packed I didn't even feel like looking around. Then we rode the subway up to the Upper West Side and sat at a park near Lincoln Center for awhile before heading home to clean up. We went to the hamburger joint Jackson Hole "home of the 7 oz burger" for dinner. I had a guacamole burger.. it was delicious we hung around the 2nd ave area for the rest of the night. Today we had lunch at Serendipity 3, a really cute/fun restaurant on the Lower East Side. We had the Frozen Hot Chocolate to start and I had The Catcher in the Rye sandwhich. Amanda got a cheesecake for her and her brother, but was kind enough to let me have a bite.... super amazing. The walk back to my apt was amazing... 3rd ave had a street fair. It was the best street fair I have seen so far, from like 66th to 86th. This fair not only had the cheap stuff and food but also lots of the stores had booths selling really nice things for discount and they had three stages set up with bands. I listened to one called stereopath, they were descent. I got sheets and shoes. They had kettlekorn and I got so excited and rushed over to find that their largest bag was the size of the small back home and it was $9... so I didn't buy any, it didn't look as good anyway. PS. I don't know what the hitler in the trash is, just thought it was unusual

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  1. I wondered the signifance of the head in the trash - thought maybe you broke a statue!?!? So glad you cleared that up.


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