23 September 2007

Salad on the Subway

I apologize I didn't take my camera with me this weekend, but thought I would share anyway. So Saturday afternoon I went down to Little Italy for the Feast of San Gennaro. There was tons of sausages and cannolis and carnival games and rides. I sat and listened to Vito Picone and the Elegants a late fifties group that had the #1 hit "Little Star". They were entertaining a sang a variety of songs from Johnny Cash to the Beach Boys. I walked around a bit more and then had my most entertaining subway ride home. A guy got on and sat down next to me and pulled out a salad and then started mumbling to himself. He started by saying "there ain't no meat in this at all no fish, no bacon, I don't know how I am going to eat this" and then he went on to seem to have an internal struggle to begin to eat the salad he started praying "God, help me through this, I need your strength now more then ever". After awhile he smelled the salad and opened it. He continued muttering and starting saying things like "If I don't want to die I have to eat this, this doesn't look like mcdonalds or chinese food" I couldn't help but smile and was having the hardest time not laughing. After awhile he said louder "I don't know why I need to eat this, this is old people food." Well there was an older lady sitting across from him and so he apologized to her. She starts to tell him that although he needs to check with his doctor he can probably have one free day a month to eat whatever he wants. Then this guy starts eating some sprouts and asking what they were, I tell him sprouts. This teenager tells him it is grass and the little brown parts are dirt... This guy believes him and starts cursing about having to eat grass... at this point i am laughing out loud it was the most random halirious thing ever. The guy put his salad away as I was getting off at my stop.

Today I went over to Riverside Park to play softball with the A&M and Texas alumni groups. It was beautiful and a beautiful day but the event was poorly organized and there weren't very many people there. I lost to Texas again. Their team was all young guys ours was old men and people that weren't planning on playing and of course the ringer-- me (haha). Oh and we were playing on a little field, which kinda restricted the play. After the game most people left but I hung around for a bit and had some food and talked with some people.

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