27 October 2013

Table Painting

One of my furloughcation projects stretched on for a week after I went back to work. No one warned me that painting was so difficult! I've had this table for about 8 years. It was my grandma's when she was living in assisted living, so it wasn't like a family heirloom or anything. While the legs were real wood, the table top is particle board with a plastic laminate. The table has survived all of my moves pretty well, but I have a bubble in the middle where I let a candle get to hot.

Anyway, I'd been thinking of painting the table for awhile. I have a lot of wood in my apartment, but its all a darker color so the table just didn't fit. When I first started talking about painting the table I told people I was going to paint it white with a turquoise dipped leg effect... well the day I went to get paint I totally changed my mind and decided it should be cranberry. I found the exact color I wanted at Logan Hardware down the street and the guys there helped me pick out the proper type of paint.

I took the table apart and got to work. Not have a garage or basement to paint in really slowed me down, because the newspaper system was messy and I didn't want to get paint on the floor.

 photo IMG_3204_zps13dde07d.jpg
After one coat on the table top and bare legs
The chairs were the actual challenge, every time I thought I covered everywhere I would spot a whole backside of a spindle that I missed. Also everything required two coats. I also hosted a party mid painting so I had to stick everything in the corner our of the way for awhile.

 photo IMG_3217_zpse26715d7.jpg
After second coat... looking pretty good.
I reassembled the table to do some last touch ups on the legs where I could reach all sides easily. Then I  got over confident and decided to do a little sanding/painting touch up on top. Well that totally screwed it up. So the top of the table received a third coat to smooth everything up. Now I think it looks great. I'm leaving it mostly alone for awhile so the paint can completely cure.

 photo IMG_3262_zps4ebb10ea.jpg
All done!


  1. It does look great. The color is perfect. You did a nice job and it certainly updates your table and chairs. MOM

  2. Looks cool! How is the paint holding up?

  3. I hate painting, so I commend you for tackling that job. Looks great


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