09 January 2014

A few more...

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So this morning I woke up tired and thought maybe I should sleep more, which lead to why isn't that a resolution? So I thought I'd add a few more.

Sleep more during the week. I'm an all-star sleeper on the weekend, but during the week for some reason I think I only need 7 hours of sleep, but I think I'm naturally more of a 9 hour type of girl. The fact that I like a few shows that run 10-11pm and that if I work out in the morning I have to get up by 6:30 is going to make this challenging. I'm going to start by making sure I'm in bed by 11, not that I just start thinking about it at 11. Also saving longer workouts for after work or speeding up my morning routine will give me a few more minutes in bed.

Learn more about money. I'm just not that interested in investing and funds and stocks and retirement stuff. I do it, but I could do it better. I decided I'd start listening to Suze Orman's weekly podcast (baby steps right?). Any other suggestions of fun/easy/interesting resources?

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  1. Well I generally don't get enough sleep and I know nothing about money so I'm no help.


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