13 January 2014


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A few months ago I first got the idea of wireless headphones in my head. I saw some on a blog and got jealous. I don't mind running with headphones. I can keep my phone in my pocket or on the treadmill and the headphones mostly stay out of my way. But when I try to do cross training or weightlifting that wire really gets in my way. I'm not someone that always needs to be listening to music, but doing the NTC app workouts at the gym can be difficult when I can't hear the lady tell me what to do or I have to battle with a wire. So after a less than stellar day on Tuesday I made the split decision to see if Radio Shack sold bluetooth headphones. 

They had three different styles, but the salesman was really pushing the Quickcell headphones. He was wearing them and I asked him how much he jumped around in them and personal questions like how much he sweat (he said ALOT). They were also the cheapest option at $39 (but I see you can get them online for $29). So I went for them. 

So far I'm really happy. They are light and completely stay in place through running miles, burpees, squat jumps, push-ups, and every other workout activity I've thrown at them. I don't really notice them much when working out, but when I've worn them while just chillin' I notice the pressure a little bit. Also they don't fit as well or stay in place as well when I have my hair down (but I have a lot of hair) or when I try to put on a stocking cap or sunglasses.

The other downside I hadn't really thought about, but comes along with all bluetooth headphones (I assume) is that they need to be charged (another cord!). These say they have 5 hours of music playback or 6 hours of talking on the phone. I haven't had them die on me yet. My phone displays how much battery they have left and they use a pretty common charging cord (the same one my eReader uses and Android phones).

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  1. I thought this post was going to be about you lowering your standards. But I'm glad to see the headphones are still working out for you, and that I can get them for cheaper.


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