07 January 2014

Crafting at Christmas

While I was home for Christmas as always we decided to do a project. Since I had recently learned how to arm knit I taught the rest of the family how. I got everyone started pretty quickly. My oldest sister, Kristen, picked it up right away and was the first one finished. After one false start my other sister, Beth, got going good and was done in no time. My Aunt Betty arrived late, but was a natural at casting on (from her regular knitting experience). She wasn't as much a natural at the rest of the process and restarted a few times. My mom had a few hiccups as well, but after taking a break for dinner they finished up and we all had beautiful scarves.

 photo IMG_3794_zps4e1944d3.jpg
Mom in the middle of a big tangle

 photo IMG_3795_zps54624526.jpg
Aunt Betty arm knitting

 photo IMG_3793_zpsf0f2b017.jpg
My finished product

My mom also had an idea for the place setting, which I implemented

 photo IMG_3779_zpsd0a33aac.jpg

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  1. I say someone at the grocery store the other day with a scarf I'm sure was arm knitted. I almost yelled out to her but didn't.


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