17 January 2014

Call me Crafty: Placemats

 photo 62DCEE46-453F-4D8A-BB80-9E9F72742BCA_zpsixahz9y0.jpg

My friend Catherine and I made these placemats. We bought 3 yards of burlap from Joann's Fabric. I used a plate, remote, beer bottle, and scissors to determine the proper size (very professional and precise). I used her stencils and a giant paint pen to write EAT on them. I made sure to have newspaper underneath for bleed through and ended up doing more of a dab method than a draw method. Catherine ended up with 8 placemats and wrote "Eat" in different languages on each one, very cute.


  1. Very nice. Have you used them?

  2. Very crafty and cute. MOM

  3. I love them! I just used mine for Valentine's Day dinner. Court, does yours fray? Im thinking soon I may not have a placemat!


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