08 January 2014

New Year's goals/resolutions/to-do list/ideas

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I wasn't really planning on doing a New Year's list, but my fan(s) (maybe?) have spoken (Hi Kristen) so here are a few things I hope to accomplish this year. I've broken it down into Year goals, monthly goals, and some things I'm working on for January.

First though lets reflect on last year's:
1. Run the Marine Corps Marathon with Kristen- Didn't happen, we tried to sign up, didn't get in and decided to do the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half, which then got postponed and I ended up running it alone.
2. Volunteer- SUCCESS! I helped organize the bicycle accessory contest at the DC State Fair.
3. Get outside more- I'll call this a SUCCESS, I ran outside a lot this year and dined outside whenever possible.
4. Continue to make an effort to see my scattered friends in scattered places- SUCCESS! Phoenix, Missouri x2
5. Take my lunch to work once a week- Pretty much a SUCCESS, I didn't do it every week, but some weeks I took my lunch several days.
6. See a play at Studio theater and or Kennedy Center- FAIL all though I did see the musical If/Then at the National Theater (it left for NYC, GO SEE IT!)
7. Spend time with Gretchen- I say a SUCCESS, several trips to Missouri and she made one trip to DC.

Now on to 2014!

Year goals
Blog more consistently (I need to keep my parents happy)
See something at the Studio Theater (for real this time)

Monthly goals
Craft/Sew something new
Go somewhere new
Eat somewhere new

January goals

Run at least one mile a day
Do the Nike Training Club App Get Lean Advanced Program
Organize my photos and backup them up and print some

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  1. Wow you really got organized on the goal making! So there will be new goals listed every month? Can't wait to read all about them.


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