25 August 2013

Union Market

Sometimes when you hear about something over and over, by the time you check it out it is disappointing. But I guess I somehow maintained low expectations for Union Market. So when I biked there with my friend Catherine a few weeks ago I was really surprised and impressed. Union Market is a more hipster market than Eastern Market. There is a homegoods store, butchers, veggies, artisan sellers, and six or so counters to purchase meals. Outside the market there is an area for hanging out and a lot where they have special events.

 photo IMG_2882_zps92abcb9b.jpg

On the day we visited there was a Farm to Street festival with vendors from local food producers. I had no idea there were so many people making kombucha and cold brew coffee in the area. After lots of samples we grabbed a locally brewed beer and enjoyed some music before it started raining and we headed back in the market for some korean tacos. 

 photo IMG_2877_zpsa3ca5044.jpg


  1. sounds like fun. How far did you bike? MOM

    1. It was only about 5 miles round trip.


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