01 September 2013

English Ivy

Did you know English Ivy is invasive? A few weeks ago a friend of mine dragged me out of bed early to go "save the trees" by cutting and sawing English Ivy off of some trees in DC Parks. We ended up spending the entire 2 hrs on one tree and hopefully saved it. The supervisor said we picked a tree with some of the most mature ivy he'd seen in awhile. By cutting/clipping/sawing the ivy at ground level hopefully the vines that have grown up the tree will die.

 photo IMG_2873_zpsc52a6783.jpg

Not only did we help save the trees, but we met a few nice people, and seeing a tree go from covered in ivy to cleaned off was very rewarding. Sawing and clipping definitely got out some aggression. If you live in the DC area, check out the Rock Creek Conservancy volunteer opportunities!

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