03 September 2013

Movies under the stars

For a few months every summer there are free outdoor movies all over the city. There is the screen on the green on the National Mall and countless other locations in DC, VA, and MD. I always think it sounds like a great idea, but then its usually a movie I've seen or don't care to see and its always a week night and it gets dark so darn late in the summer. Well this summer I finally made it to a showing in NOMA. I biked over and found some friends who already had a blanket and dinner spread laid out. Soon it was dark enough and Ferris Bueller took to the screen. The grass area was packed with blankets with most eyes glued to the screen and when Ferris took over the mic to twist and shout in downtown Chicago a quarter of the crowd stood up to join him in dance.

 photo IMG_2948_zpsa3d546c8.jpg

I biked home glad that I had gone to the movie, glad that I had taken Ferris' advice "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."


  1. Fun! Did you know the friends before you sat on their blanket or just make friends with good food and extra blanket space?

    1. Ha. I only knew one of them, but I made friends quick with the guy who brought food.


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