02 June 2009

Waiting for the bus

The past few days I've had to commute to our NJ office, which is approximately 9 miles away. However its been taking me between an hour 15 to an hour and 45 minutes to get there or get back. This makes me reflect back to high school when I had 7 miles to travel and never left more than 10 minutes before school started. I was only late once... I accidently left after my grandpa had set out on the tractor. So the past two days have involved a lot of waiting and sitting and waiting and sitting. On my way home as I was waiting for the crosstown bus I snaped a few pictures of my surroundings.


  1. you could of ran to work faster, well maybe not in heels.

  2. Yeah there is that and the tunnel issue... and how to run with a laptop.


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