14 March 2010


One of my friends invited me to the Craic Fesitval opening night festivities at Tribeca Cinemas. For those not familiar with the Irish term, craic is used to describe fun, entertainment, and all around good times.

The night started with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn talking about the importance of the link between Ireland and New York City.

We then all were treated to the movie "Perrier's Bounty" a gangster movie set in Dublin. A bit graphic but enjoyable movie. Afterwards while looking up some of the actors I found that two of the main characters also appear in Harry Potter (Brendan Gleeson/Mad-Eye Moody and Jim Broadbent/Horace Slughorn), but I don't suggest taking your kids to this one.

To finish up the night we were treated to an intimate show by Mundy. I went in not knowing much about him, but the songs were instantly catchy. I had read in a short bio that day that he sang one of my favorite Irish songs, Galway Girl. Soon after he started I was singing and dancing along and at the end of the night he didn't disappoint and played Galway Girl... along with an interesting rendition of M.I.A's paper planes.


  1. Sounds much more exciting than the Cameron St. Patrick's Day Parade will be. What will you do on St. Patrick's day to top that?

  2. Since I have to go to work, I'm not sure I'll do much celebrating...

  3. I went to Cameron's St. Patrick's Day Parade - it lasted about 14 minutes. Then I came home = I have a cold, so home sounded good.


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