31 March 2010

Salsa night

I went with a few friends to the Latin Quarter for salsa night. I know everyone is thinking "that Courtney is a fabulous dancer, I bet she's danced the salsa a million times" but you would be wrong. It was my first time really trying to do the actual steps (not just act like it). Luck have it this place gave lessons in a room off the main area. The lessons were pretty simple, but what I needed and soon I was 1,2,3,5,6,7 all over the place. We moved back to the main area and gave everyone a show. The crowd was a bit older and we were not lacking for invitations to dance.

They had a live band that was very good. The lead singer (see below) was lots of fun... and apparently well known as he had quite a crowd photographing him... so I joined in.

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