13 March 2010

Liberty of London in Midtown Manhattan

The Times Square Tower that is directly across the street from my office is always covered with several huge Target billboards. Always creative and usually enjoyable (like their take on the 12 days of Christmas) the billboards make me wonder why they don't stick a Target store in that building (possibly a little selfishly). Last week the weather finally showed some signs of spring time so I took a walk to Bryant park for lunch when I saw that the Target billboards had spread down 42nd street to 6 avenue. "What's going on here?" I asked myself (I sometimes talk to myself on the street so I fit in better with the crazies). I went over to take a peek and low and behold it was a Target pop up store devoted to the new Liberty of London line at Target. While I don't know much about Liberty of London (read the tag below for a little background), I do know I have a love for florals and springtime colors. The store was to be open Wednesday at 11 till Saturday night... I had to stop by.

Wednesday comes around and I plan a late lunch and head to the store around 1 pm. However as all good things in New York have, there was a long line to enter stretching back towards 7th avenue. I only have so much time for lunch so instead I took a stroll around the block, picked up a jamba juice and headed back to the office.

Not to be completely deterred I headed back after work. A mere 5 hours later and there was no line... but there were lots of empty shelves. Most of the houseware items were gone, mugs and bowls were completely sold out. There were bikes, chairs, rain boots, and lots of clothes. I picked up the bag below, not only does the pattern make me happy, but it is big enough to carry my shoes in when needed (like on Friday).

The line hit all stores and online today. I was just checking out the full line on target.com just now and several things are already out of stock. If you like floral patterns I definitely recommend you checking it out.

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  1. I went to Target today, I think most of it was still there. It's all pretty. I almost bought the watering can or flower pot but it was like I would of loved it had a i found it at a thrift store or the like but brand new at Target less interested. I forgot to look at the make-up or bags since everything was in it's section of the store.


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