07 March 2010

Hoboken St. Patty's Day

Hoboken is right across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Hoboken is known for the first baseball game, home of Frank Sinatra, Cake Boss, and their St. Patrick's Day festivities. Having not yet made it to Hoboken and finally getting some pretty weather, I gathered some friends and we headed over. My many coworkers who had been to Hoboken on St. Patricks parade day (yes it is many many days before actual St. Patrick's day) and the few that live there gave me story after story of the insanity that occurs. Although we had to wait in a long line to take the bus over and another long line to take the Path back, it wasn't too crazy in between. We were told to get there by 9 am in order to get into a bar. Needless to say we didn't get to Hoboken till around 11 and had no trouble finding a corned beef and cabbage sandwich. After lunch and a few drinks we headed out to the parade. I love parades. This one did not have a lot of variety but did have group after group of kilt wearing bagpipe playing troupes. There was also a large group of army jeeps. After the parade we explored the town some more and visited a house party. Overall Hoboken is very cute (even the 7 eleven was cute). I think I could be talked in to going back.

This guy had the feeling


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