31 March 2010

My new friend

When my parents decide to buy a new vehicle, it takes years. In fact they are currently in process... and have been for three years. Once they have decided on one they always special order, which takes a few more months.

I have discovered I inherited this gene. No I didn't go buy a new car (keep looking at the mini cooper though), I bought a new couch.

I had various loaner and hand me down couches through college and grad school, but when I moved in to my first apartment in NYC the 280 sq. ft. just didn't allow for one. I convinced myself that I didn't need anything more than my lazy boy.

But when it wasn't just me and my lazy boy... when it was me, lazy boy, and another boy or girl things got awkward. Who gets the kitchen chair and who gets the lazy boy?

So once I moved into a large place my search began slowly. First I just thought where it would go in my place, then I looked a little more at couches in magazines and on TV, finally I started trolling the online sites.

Months later I walked in to a Macy's and sat on almost every couch there. There were two contenders, but I had to measure my space again.

I went back online for a few weeks.

Beyonce, Beyonce was going to be at Macy's Herald Square. I knew it was a long shot, but I ran down 7th Avenue to see if I could meet her. Once I got there, it was sold out, so I went all the way upstairs to visit the furniture again.

I spent an hour sitting and standing and hanging out with a couch, I draped the various fabric swatches trying to imagine what they would look like.

After a few calls to loved ones, I decided to go for it.

Called the salesman over only to find out the color/texture I picked had to be special ordered.

You can't reverse my process. I accepted the 6-8 week waiting period.

Last week it arrived!

Isn't it beautiful
I bought two scarves at H&M today and wrapped some pillows in them... I may make them into permanent pillows later on once I get pillow forms.


  1. nice couch your apartment looks like a home now. What is that about the car??? I didn't know it showed. Hey I'm still looking. MOM

  2. Fancy! I love it!

  3. Thanks everyone! Its true Mom :)


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