12 October 2010

Week of culture

The week before last week went from ho hum to full speed ahead and has now continued for another week. I had been enjoying a peaceful life when all a sudden my social calendar filled up. A few highlights:

First event was attending PopArt the musical. The music was written by one of my Mizzou friend's boyfriend. The show was part of a festival aimed at previewing as many new musicals as possible. So it wasn't like the Broadway musicals, smaller theater, less flash, but it was really good and the singers and musicians were talented.

A coworker IM'd me at the end of the day wondering if I wanted to attend a concert in Williamsburg. One where the headliner would go on till around 11pm. Hmm.. well I got talked in to going to see !!!, who? !!! (if you are wondering how to pronounce that it is chk, chk, chk) The show turned out to be a lot of fun. I'm not sure how to describe the music but there was a string section, occasional horn action, and major danceability. The lead singer had an adorable dance that I could of watched all night.

For my second concert of the week I headed back to Brooklyn with a friend to see Mark Geary and Marketa Irglova (you might know her from Swell Season or the movie Once). Mark's music was fun folksy irishy (I'm not a music critic) while Marketa's was more soft, slow, and deep. It was in a cute "art space".

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  1. With a name like !!! you get excited for them before you even know who they are.


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