30 October 2010

Driving the dirt roads

So I didn't knit much this last week nor was I doing any fun fall New York activities as I was in Costa Rica. My friend and I booked the trip way back in June (I think?), but didn't have any specifics on where we would be going or what we actually would be doing until we arrived in San Jose. Well we did know that we had a rental car and hotel rooms (but not where these rooms were). The more timid traveler or OCD personality would not of faired well, but we are both chill so it worked out great.

We went in off season so things were cheaper, roads were emptier, and the trees were greener (thanks to the rain-a-day). We had a great time.... a few highlights.

Zip-lining through the cloud forest
Relaxing on an almost empty completely beautiful beach
Hiking and learning about the cloud forest in Monteverde
Swimming at the foot of Volcan Arenal
and sleeping in some of the most fabulous accommodations ever

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  1. Looks amazing especially the beach and that pool!


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