13 January 2013

Brownies that you shouldn't make

I started a little lunchtime book club at work, so that we could discuss the technical literature... basically just to make me stay up to date. Part of the idea was the Month's leader to bring a snack. Since it was my idea I was in charge for month one.

I didn't know what to make and was dreading baking on a Thursday night. I mentioned my baking task to a random guy he suggested brownies. Brilliant. Only instead of using my Mom's amazing Mississippi Mud recipe or one from Betty Crocker, I found a "healthy" recipe on the Whole Foods website. Then I decided to toss in some dark chocolate mini chunks.

the supplies
ready for the oven

I forgot to take a photo of them after baking, but just imagine dark and crumbly. I almost didn't take them in, but when I retried them in the morning, I thought they were passable (and I was running late for work). My coworkers said they liked them and a few of them took seconds, so they must not of been too terrible, but either way I'm not sharing the recipe. 


  1. Maybe you should quit doing everything Whole Foods tells you to.

  2. I try to remind myself that sometimes it is way better to eat nothing, than a "healthier" version of a dessert. It doesn't always work.


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