07 January 2013

Christmas camera

I know what you guys have been thinking... What did Courtney do for Christmas? Why won't she update us. Well the main reason is I got a new camera for Christmas! Then I proceeded to take the rest of Christmas day photos on my new DSLR, but I didn't know how to take them off the camera...

Most of it was just nerves that my computer wasn't going to have enough memory, but when I started loading the software it turns out my operating system is too new, but then five hours later, tada! Photos on computer. Another hour and I figured out some simple editing and another hour and I have them here for your enjoyment.

Since its now been a few weeks and I don't remember what happened, I will let the pictures tell the story. These were all taken with the automatic settings, but I've been dabbling in manual and cool things are to come...

auditioning for TLC's new show "Toddlers and Tractors"

Aunts, niece, and nephew ready to eat

yummm... asparagus casserole 

the table set with Christmas plates

practicing my food photography

close ups with the family "grapes"

stocking stuffer classy cup

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  1. that little tractor is super cute!



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