31 January 2013

Challenge Reflections

During the challenge I didn't think I was feeling that much better or different. In fact the first three days I wasn't feeling great at all. However on Monday night after the challenge ended I went a little crazy. I had a few bar nachos with fake cheese and a bar pizza, then a cookie. Soooo lots of dairy and sugar. I didn't feel great at all on Tuesday. I ate better Tuesday but had some more sugar and guess what I don't feel great today. Lesson learned? Don't avoid bad things because it makes it worse when you reintroduce them. haha... maybe the wrong lesson. I've been eating a lot of the same food I prepared during the challenge, but I've also had a few meals out which contained oil, dairy, and sugar. Somewhere I'll find a good balance.

At the end of challenge party we received a raffle ticket for each session we attended. I went to six and guess what? I won a $75 gift card to Whole Foods. There were only three winners ($50, $75, & $100) so I was pretty excited to win.

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  1. great you won $75. And back to eating like you did before. A Whole Foods diet is something a beef farmer would not want to try. Taking your lunch to work is good-just some days of the week. You still need to lunch with your coworkers. It was a fun expirement, thanks for sharing. MOM


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