12 January 2013

Coffeehouse part 2 & SPAIN

My final stop when I was home was back at Old Drum for some SPAINBIRTHDAYPALOOZA planning (I hope that name is ok with Kendra, my travel mate). I'm having what I'm calling a "momentous" birthday this spring so I decided to spend it in Spain.

We spent several hours (and several baked goods) planning our trek and figuring out where we would stay, we are still working on what we will be doing, but the bones of the trip are in place. We will be going to Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, and Seville. If you have any great tips about any of those places please let me know!

the wrekage
I also spent time trying out my new camera... notice how the cini-mini is blurry and the latte is in focus? That is on purpose! Ok and lets also take a second to appreciate the latte art, I think its a baseball bat.


Gretchen came in to say goodbye while I was at the shop.

cupcake girl

Also of note:
This is my 600th blogpost! The blog is now in its sixth year. Meaning I spend about 2 days a year blogging! EEEK So I hope you enjoy some of my ramblings and thank you for reading!


  1. Congratulations on your 600th post.

  2. Ahhh I am so jealous that you're going to Barca...I miss it so much! Make sure you go to the champagneria (http://www.facebook.com/champagneriaitaliana). It's a little hole in the wall bar with AMAZING sandwiches and champagne that they make themselves. It's not too far from the water and we always used to take our sandwiches and champagne down to the beach to enjoy them.


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