30 January 2013

Goal Setting

The last activity for the 14 day challenge was goal setting with Lululemon. On day one they told us it was a special process so I was looking forward to seeing what happened. The first activity was to draw a circle on a piece of paper and write everything we want in the circle and things that we don't want outside of the circle. They talked about letting go of all constraints we put on ourselves and act like a kid and just feel free to write everything in the circle. Then we addressed an envelope to ourselves and they will send us our circles in a few weeks, when we start to forget about our goals.

Next we went over the vision & goal process-

1. Possibility- Clear your space of constrictions and past. Shift from self doubt and fear to hope and love.

2. Vision- What do you see? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

3. Balance- Balancing major categories of life, personal, career, and health.

4. Format- SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely), present tense, affirmative and includes a "by when" date

5. Audacity- If it is easy to do, you don't need to put it out into the UNIVERSE, be AUDACIOUS

6. Integrity- Have integrity with your goal, mean what you write and be authentic to yourself.

 photo IMG_1920.jpg
the snowy path to achieving your goals (aka it snowed this week!)

We then closed our eyes and were told to visualize our life in 10 years. Where we lived, who was around us, what we were doing, where we were working, and how we felt. Then we took about ten minutes to write our vision down.

From our written vision we identified key pieces and formed them into goals. Starting with ten year goals and trickling back to five year and one year goals. We grouped our goals into career, health, and personal. I found the five year goals the hardest. 

We concluded the session by sharing some of our goals out loud. With the premise of saying them out loud and sharing you goals makes you more accountable to achieving them. I completely agree with that idea (why do you think I share my goals here?).  However I'm not ready to share my goals yet, still need some refining.

I liked their process I felt like it opened everyone up to remove the fake restrictions we place on ourselves.

Have you ever participated in a goal setting session? Any tips on making dreams come true?

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